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To overcome difficulties together, Seaever carry out strict epidemic control
Time:2022-04-15 Source:海恒智能


On the evening of March 13, The COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters of Shenzhen municipality announced that the whole city's communities, villages and industrial parks will be under closed management from March 14 to 20, and the city's buses and subways will be suspended.   All government organs and public institutions at all levels in Shenzhen, except the staff who undertake epidemic prevention tasks, work at home or become community volunteers on the spot, report to the community where they live, and fully participate in community epidemic prevention work and community services.



During the week of the shutdown, shenzhen's streets were empty, its stores closed, and its citizens were in a state of panic and worry. But, under the joint efforts of all the epidemic prevention workers and citizens, shenzhen gradually overcome the outbreak, unlock as scheduled on March 21. Seaever return to work in time, then the production, logistics, and the implementation  also gradually recovered,  it is no small matter that the epidemic situation is involved.  Since the outbreak was unlocked, Seaever has closely followed the policies and carried out various epidemic prevention work since the resumption of work and production in accordance with relevant epidemic prevention and control requirements.



01 Production


First of all, workers are required to wear masks throughout the whole process of entering the park, show the negative nucleic acid certificate of 24 hours and scan the site code to punch in before entering the workshop for production.



The person in charge of the workshop also said: In addition to personnel control, the production process is also the focus of epidemic prevention.  There are designated personnel in the workshop to carry out disinfection work in the morning and afternoon, and after work in the evening, the workshop will carry out disinfection three times a day.   In addition, raw materials must be disinfected when they enter the production workshop before they can safely enter the production workshop for assembly.  The equipment will be disinfected again after assembly, the precise epidemic prevention and control will be carried out in every process.



02 Logistics


To enter the logistics park, the negative nucleic acid certificate of 24 hours is required and personal must wear mask to punch in. Operators need to wear protective clothing and gloves to operate. When the goods arrive at the logistics park, they are left standing for 24 hours before being disinfected, and when they are loading and shipping, will also be disinfected strictly. "Thanks to shenzhen's strong epidemic prevention measures, logistics delivery is now normal. Except for areas strictly controlled by the government, other low-risk areas can be delivered on time," said a logistics official


In spite of the shutdown, 17 million People in Shenzhen worked together to achieve a phased victory in the epidemic prevention work.  But epidemic prevention is a protracted battle, which requires keen awareness and long-term persistence. Seaever will carry out epidemic prevention and control on a regular basis, carry out safe and efficient work on this basis, and maximize the "epidemic prevention and control" and "customer service".

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