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Free reading at Cosy Park Hotel in Hong Zhou
Time:2022-04-06 Source:Seaever

Cosy Park Hotel is located in Qiutao North Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou. With flowing water, flagstone path and straw thatch house, you will feel as if you had crossed into a peach blossom land by mistake. Next door to the hut was "Li Bai"'s low-key, quiet restaurant, with a small door hidden among green trees. Enter the restaurant is wood color Nordic minimalist wind, bring a comfortable cultural atmosphere. The dining room is divided into two levels, and the lobby on the ground floor is filled with high and low bookshelves. It has a collection of 30,000 books, and connects with all the libraries system in Hangzhou. Books borrowed from here can be returned to any library. As long as the hotel guests, with room card, can use the self-help book borrowing and returning machine to borrow books. This kind of service is rare in the country. The citizens of Hangzhou can also regard this as a distinctive book bar, where they can read books, drink coffee, eat desserts and enjoy delicious food. Books and food, there's always something that moves you.

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