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Shenzhen library
Time:2022-04-06 Source:Seaever

Shenzhen Library is located in front of the beautiful Lianhua Mountain in the administrative and cultural center of Shenzhen, covering an area of 29,612 square meters with a total floor area of 49,589 square meters. It has 2,000 reading seats and 3,000 networks, and it can receive 8,000 readers per day. Shenzhen Library adheres to the principle of service innovation, constantly expanding service items and innovating service features. In addition to general literature reading and borrowing services, it provides readers with various forms of remote services and network services, such as personal online digital library system, mobile phone message service system, online reference services, etc. At the same time, It has actively carried out the extension of services outside the library, and built the "Free interlibrary loan system", and the "24-hour self-service library system", so as to create a library service environment for the general public that is not limited by time and space.

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